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EXP IV- Virtual territory and Connection Misfits

Each Wi-Fi network has a perimeter that is conditioned by environmental, technical and material factors that are reflected in the quality of the connection. The purpose of this exercise is to detect the amplitude of the Wi-Fi network at different times of the day and the scope in the physical space where it is located. The experiment consists of manually tracing the perimeter where the Wi-Fi connection reaches a home or outside location and the description of where it is better or worse, as well as the interpretations of its fluctuations. We are interested in asking about the connection limits and adjustments that are made in order to maintain communication and relate them to the concepts of network and virtual space vs. physical space. We are also interested in asking: what are the adjustments or imbalances that occur in these relationships of space, movement and connection? What habits of transit and territory occupation have been modified to maintain or take care of this connection?

Chair: Priscilla Song (HKU)

Discussant: Philipp Budka (Vienna)

Silas Udenze

An Ethnographic Study

Fabián de la Parra Rodríguez

Digital Echolocation

Cover image, CC0 Pixabay.jpg

Chiara Musu

Ethnography of a virtual territory: between space, body and sensoriality of presence

Yichen Rao

Mapping out connectivity and the territory of desire

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