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EXP 2 - Virtual Solipsism Vs. Presence

The purpose of this experiment is to volitionally generate the sensation of separateness and solipsism to contrast it with the image and appearance as a manifestation of a "body in presence" (in the camera). The exercise consists of presenting 5 questions to the camera that each participant must answer by viewing their own image (in the camera). The objective is to react to the questions and their sequence, in a simultaneous exercise of asking the participants to look at themselves and answer the questions. This exercise seeks to question the concepts of "separateness", "virtual solipsism" and "presence", based on isolation (and the context of regulations due to the pandemic).

Chair: Tom McDonald (HKU) 

Discussant: David Palmer (HKU)

Jacqueline Zhenru Lin

My Drama

Kim Fernandes

The Immediacy of Broken Time


Photo by Raka Miftah from Pexels

Cover Image_ Camera as Mirror.png

Kimberly Hassel

Camera as Mirror?

Arba Bekteshi


feelingdigital 3.png

Julia Baumann

Feeling zombie within myself

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