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EXP 3 - Sensation and virtuality: atmosphere and situated body

The purpose of the third experiment is to think about the body and the atmosphere (space) that surrounds it in relation to the virtual camera / session projection. How do we bring the atmosphere closer and create a common space to transmit to others? What "presentation as staging" decisions do we make and why? Is it possible to generate a "common" virtual space? The experiment consists of carrying out a brief exercise guided by the camera / audio to present, feel, describe, and share the broadcast space. In the same way, it is proposed to think critically about the notions of “Private space vs. Common space” in light of the emergence of meaning generated by showing the domestic space.

Chair: Nick Seaver (Tufts)

Discussant: Ernst Karel (Harvard)

Rebecca Carlson


Juan Miguel Ortega Quesada

Feeling Through Home


Dalia N

Sound in Feeling Digital for narrative work

Beatriz Herrera

Public space as an intimate performative scene

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